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Beechmont Community Park - Syd Duncan Park

Beechmont Community Park Project

creating a place to celebrate, connect and play

A warm hello to friends and neighbours with enterprises in Beechmont,

This email comes to you from Sara Hicks and Sarah Browning on behalf of more than two dozen people in the community who are driven to re-energise Syd Duncan park in Lower Beechmont. It’s early days yet and indications are that even more people are excited by ideas to support celebration, connection and play in the park.

We are writing to share the early information about this project and request your ideas and support.

This project began with conversations between Sarah and I about the exciting possibilities for the park, particularly the area on the left of the road (the side of the playground and toilets). It was immediately important to us to ask the wider community what they needed and could envision. After a letterbox drop we held our first community meeting and received many emails.

Locals expressed needs to support community connection, provide stimulating and relevant space for youth and care for the land.  Out of these needs a picture of people's ideas began to form, including;

* to improve the existing bike track, create a skateboarding area
* to look at sporting opportunities, such as a half-court for basketball and netball
* a functional community gathering place; a ‘clubhouse’, shelter and shed
* to create a nature play area to encourage families to spend more unstructured and creative time outside playing
* native planting to attract our wildlife and insects and bush tucker planting

Do you have any ideas to re-vitalise Syd Duncan Park? We are excited to hear them.

This project is being built on principles of community learning and ownership.  It is important to us that we pursue this with the guidance of our traditional owners. 

Our strong hope is to reach as many people in our community as possible and to make participation inclusive and accessible. We are now reaching more youth who have responded with enthusiasm to a notice at the Beechmont road bus shelter.  An article appeared in The Hinterlander this month and will soon be published in the Beechmont State School newsletter so that we can begin to reach the wider community. Your assistance in reaching our community is most welcome.

We are setting up meetings with indigenous advisers and locals who may have insight, expertise or support to offer.  We are also talking with members of BRASA and meet this week with BAPA.

In conjunction with council we aim to determine ways to make this project a reality. Local Councillor Glenn Tozer has given us a positive indication with the ball now in our court.

Participants at the first community meeting decided the next step is to survey Beechmont residents and determine which ideas are priorities. Our next community meeting will use the results of the survey to inform our project timeline and creation of a design proposal.

You are invited to join us for the second community meeting to be held at 5pm on Wednesday October 29 at the picnic shelter in Syd Duncan Park.

Ways you can support the Beechmont community park project at this time;

* Please reply to this email to indicate if you’d like to join our email list to receive updates

* Please send us a note of support that we may include with our proposal to funding bodies

* Advise us with any relevant information, funding opportunities, etc

* Fill out and return the attached survey by scanning and email or drop into a box at the Syd Duncan Park picnic shelter. Or complete the survey online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J9Q29DK

* Share the survey with your local friends

* Suggest ways we can reach more people

* Join our Facebook group to keep in touch

Thank you for joining us on this community-led project.

All thoughts and communications are welcome and if you agree they will be shared with the park project members through email, facebook or meetings.

Warm regards,

Sara Hicks and Sarah Browning

Beechmont Community Park Project

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