Beechmont Cricket – Uppers vs Lowers – Sunday 19 Nov 17

Beechmont Cricket Club is hosting the inaugural Uppers vs Lowers game. The event will start at 10am on Sunday 19 November 2017 at Graceleigh Park and is the first match of a three match series. Players of all ages, skill level and gender are welcome. Game fees for adults ar $10 and $5 for under 15’s which covers the bbq lunch at the end of the first innings. The ground has been recently top dressed and should be quite a fast wicket. Guys, don’t forget to bring your own PPE. The club has bays and all other protective gear. Bring a comfy chair or picnic rug and cheer on your team!! Cold drinks for sale. I wll set up a slip n slide for the kids if there is enough interest…

Contact Chris Eddie Edmond on 0419 743 053 or Dan Blunt on 0407 757 319 if you have any questions or suggestions.

Beechmont Easter Market – Sunday 16 April 2017 – 8am~12pm – On the roundabout 1835 Beechmont Road

Beechmont Easter Market – Sunday 16 April 2017 – 8am~12pm – on the roundabout – 1835 Beechmont Road, Beechmont, Queensland – Want to catch up with the locals? The Headmasters Cafe is open. The Op Shop is open. The Beechmont Community Garden is open. There are now 4 bars of Telstra 4G high speed mobile coverage just in case you want to send pictures home. And the views are just fabulous.

Beechmont Easter Market – 16 April 2017

The brand new Bromelton terminal received its very first freight train on 21 January 2017

Bromelton had its first freight train arriving on 21 January 2017 at the SCT terminal. After many years of planning, building and organising this anchor tenant of the brand new Bromelton logistics and transport estate near Beaudesert has pulled it off and made it happen.

This company appears to thrive on a pioneering spirit. They run freight train services between Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and now Bromelton as ther main Brisbane termnal. And not little dinky-toy trains. They’re running freight-only trains of 1.5 km in length with their own rolling stock on standard gauge rail. This company owns and operates 25 locomotives and 600 pieces of rolling stock. Have a look at this movie on the very first freigh train arrival in Bromelton:

The Scenic Rim Regional Council and the Queensland Transport and Logistics Council held their Bromelton Regional Transport Forum on 28 March 2017 in The Centre, Beaudesert. Well attended by the logistics fraternity and neighbouring municipal/ regional council representatives. Quite an enlightening event that drives home the importance of having a new hive of economic activity in your town.

The numbers on freight carried with container trains and B-doubles are just massive. The anchor tenant SCT has commenced freight train operations on Bromelton during January 2017 and are pretty much connecting all of South-East Queensland and the Port of Brisbane with standard gauge rail to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. In this scheme, the upgrade of the Mount Lindesay Highway and the Bromelton by-pass will be a welcome development. SRRC Mayor Cr Christensen told the meeting that the Bromelton development would provide something like 1500 jobs and the economic offspring of that for Beaudesert will be a tremendous boost.

And what does that mean for Beechmont. Well, if you ever lived in the big smoke then spending an hour to get to work and another hour to get back home is nothing new to big city dwellers. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for the towns people. But when you live in Beechmont you’ll get spoiled with the country style of living. And even if you can drive to Beaudesert well within the hour without breaking the speed limits, it sounds for the locals like going to another planet. It is not. The road via Canungra and Mundoolin junction is actually quite good and an easy stretch. Industrial hives like Bromelton tend to generate a lot of business for all sorts of smaller operations nearby and that is precisely what it is meant to do. People working and earning their money on Bromelton or by servicing businesses related to Bromelton will bring their family to live nearby, spend money to eat, send their kids to the local schools, join the local clubs and all of that is good news for the regio.

With SCT now having started operations it looks like there will be a rapid development for Bromelton as a major regional Transport and Logistics hub. Well done SRRC.