Beechmont Press Club

The Beechmont Press Club met last Thursday night 23 February 2017 to celebrate a thousand likes on the Beechmont Community Network Facebook page. A milestone to be proud about in the 6+ year history of the page. The page was once setup by Dan McKenzie and now has an active team of editors contributing Beechmont related content.

Janis Rossiter, secretary of BRASA, introduced Loretta Serong as the new BRASA marketing coordinator. Loretta will look after the BRASA Facebook Page and the BRASA website, and has now also joined the editors team of the Beechmont Community Network facebook page. Loretta is studying marketing at Griffiths Uni.

With a strong team of contributing editors, there will be plenty to read in the coming year. If you have any news or gossip to be published, you can post it yourself on one of the facebook pages or send it to