One Reply to “Beechmont Community Meeting – Wednesday 28 September 2016 – 6pm~8pm”

  1. A well attended and successful meeting in the Hall on Graceleigh with well over fifty attendees. The meeting was elegantly and skillfully chaired by Scenic Rim Regional Council Mayor Greg Christensen with presentations and speeches from Cr Virginia West, BAPA President Tom Blake, BRASA President Greg Slater and BRASA committee member Tom Sharp. A lively discussion ensued with questions and remarks from the floor varying from the price of a wedding at the Beechmont Community Centre (the views are priceless there), the new Headmasters Cafe initiative as a welcome social centre in Beechmont, the proposed three crossings (without getting wet feet) of the Back Creek together with the so-called re-vegetation plan (tree planting) for Back Creek and the remaining questions of how we are going to join the planned walking paths/bike paths/vehicle access next to Back Creek with the “Graceleigh North” play park developments, the Denham Nature Reserve, Rosins Lookout and the existing waking path joining Beechmont road further North. A safe place for Beechmont children to learn how to ride a bike is slated to be included for the North Graceleigh plans, whilst the hang gliding clubs are making eyes on that location as well for an emergency landing strip. Place for a new netball club court and home was mentioned. Together with the planned irrigation scheme and lighting scheme for evening meetings of the Graceleigh Park sports ground there are plenty of activities underway or on the plans. The successful Syd Duncan Park development in Lower Beechmont got a mention. Whilst no part of the Scenic Rim Regional Council, the Gold Coast City Council has contributed with some funds and support, together with some BRASA funding. Lower Beechmont and Beechmont are one community with the kids going to the same school and all others sharing the facilities in and around Beechmont. Really becoming a “Beechmont United” community now. If you want to be part of it, join one of the many clubs and groups in greater Beechmont.

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