BAPA Annual General Meeting at the Beechmont Community Centre on Monday 23 April 2018 – 7pm

Beechmont Area Progress Association Inc (BAPA)

Dear BAPA members,

Please be advised that our next Annual General Meeting is scheduled for:

Monday 23 April 2018 comencing 7pm

at the Beechmont Community Centre,

1835 Beechmont Road, BEECHMONT QLD 4211


An agenda will be issued in good time before the meeting.

Election of officers

As per the BAPA constitution all members of the current management committee shall retire from office at this AGM. Nominations for new candidates must please be lodged by close of business on Monday 9 April 2018.

Forms for nomination of new candidates are can be downloaded from

A list of candidates will be issued one week before the meeting.

Should any of the candidates be unavailable or withdraw at the AGM then nominations for new candidates may be taken from the floor.

for Beechmont Area Progress Association Inc (BAPA)

Ger Vloothuis (Secretary)

0408 379 233

Beechmont Denham Reserve

“Let’s see some action!”

Dear Editor,

Recently the Scenic Rim Council held a Community meeting in the Graceleigh Hall. This “Feel Good” meeting left many locals feeling not so good. The Mayor spoke for twenty five minutes on his view of what the future of the Scenic Rim would be. This was well read and presented but not once did he mention Beechmont.

After a break for tea and coffee questions were taken from the floor. Most of these concerned the closure of Killarney Glen and Denham Reserve. While I appreciate that Killarney Glen is located on land held by the Commonwealth Government, surely this does not mean that our local council cannot take the initiative and instigate talks between State Government, National Parks, local Indigenous people, the Federal Government and the previous owners and constant caretaker, the Fitzgerald family.

If no one takes the lead nothing will ever happen. Denham Reserve in located in an area that is under Council control. I am aware that local residents have complained about cars clogging up the streets in that area but there is a large grassed area at the entry to the Reserve the could be turned into a suitable car park. This, with an enviro toilet system constructed and suitable garbage collection facilities in place, should fix these problems.

The State Government should be pressured into purchasing the area of private land between Killarney Glen and Denham Reserve which would facilitate access to the three waterfalls for both locals and tourists. This could become one of the most famous walks in Australia. Abseiling Clubs, Bushwalking Clubs and locals have been using these waterholes and falls for generations. I have seen photos of groups enjoying this area in the 1920’s.

The State Government is talking about opening up new areas for tourism. What about giving them a nudge? The Gold Coast City Council could also be included as this walk would benefit both Councils and the State Government. Just throwing your hands in the air and saying it is too expensive and involves too many obstacles to be overcome is short-sighted and does not provide future generations with the opportunity to enjoy this natural wonderland.

The track down to Denham Reserve was built over the years by many local volunteers, of which I was one. The track was inspected by National Parks officers and was given their tick of approval. That is not to say it could not be improved. Never the less it is there and many people have used it without mishap. For everyone’s sake let’s see some action on this matter in the not too distant future.

Maurie Hansell,