Want Fibre to the Home? Build your own!

Our National Broadband Network has given up on their original plans to give Beechmont and Lower Beechmont a Fixed Wireless service. It turned out to be all too hard. Instead our residents will be offered a SkyMuster satellite service if they want NBN.

No need to rush. Because of this NBN policy decision the current Telstra provided plain old copper telephone lines and the ADSL Internet services that run over it will remain to be available . If you are lucky enough to live within one or two kilometres from the Beechmont Exchange, the Lower Beechmont Exchange, or the RIM box in Akoonah Drive then at least you can expect that you can watch your Netflix movies and do your web browsing without too much hassle.

If you are hell-bent to get your Gigabit Internet, you’ll have to round up a few neighbours, borrow a tractor and run your own fibre cable. Many municipalities and local clubs have done that before. If you want to know how, download and read the EU broadband handbook with many examples from people who have been there and done that.

Dowload your copy here: