Beechmont Town Planning

Town planning of greater Beechmont, including Lower Beechmont and Binna Burra, is an ever evolving project.  The area is split over two local governments.  Lower Beechmont is within the Gold Coast City Coucil (GCCC) area.  Beechmont and Binna Burra are within the Scenic Rim Regional Council (SRRC) area.

Lower Beechmont town developments

Syd Duncan Park

Recently a plan was developed for the Syd Duncan Park at Outlook Road, Lower Beechmont.  Councillor Glen Tozer of GCCC took an interest in the development plan by Sarah and Sara of Lower Beechmont to create a nature play space in the Syd Duncan Park.  A company which specialises in those things was engaged to create a plan.  The GCCC allocated a grant.  The two Sara’s rounded up some volunteers in the neighbourhood and the project was completed late 2016.   Click on the picture for some more plan details.


Horse trail between Hell Fire Pass and Mt Nathan neighbourhood in Glagiraba.

Another (former) Councillor in GCCC organised a smallish land swap which created a passable connection between Hell Fire Pass and the Mt Nathan neighbourhood.  The route was already known as a training route for the Kokoda trail people, but now it is official and good enough to pass with horses.  Talk with the local horse club for the details.

Beechmont Town Developments

Trees planting, a walking/bike path, three river crossings and a 3m wide vehicle track (for emergency vehicles) next to Back Creek on a stretch roughly known between the tennis club house and some private farmland up North at Back Creek.


There is no word as yet as how this will join up with the Denham Pak waterfall nature path walkway, or with a proposed Hangliders picnic place on top of the neighbouring farmland hill. An earlier proposal for a fully fledged teahouse seems to have stalled due to heavy cost of a requisite entrance road connection at Beechmont Road, but maybe a low key pick-nick place on top of the hill may do with somewhat less costly access methods. These things are all still to be seen.

The SRRC sport and recreation plan 2010-2020 (from “Ross Planning” and dated July 2010) specifically mentions in recommendation 25 with a high priority: “Also Council needs to explore opportunities to develop safe walk/cycle paths, especially between key activity areas in Beechmont.”.   We have passed the halfway mark of the 2010-2020 time frame, but no such plan is on the table as yet.   Whilst there is now a sizeable area North of the new Beechmont State School to be developed (known as Graceligh Park North) it would be a good thing if those proposed safe walk/cycle paths could terminate or pass there.  Or at least that this new to be developed area will be well connected with all of these to be proposed safe walk/cycle paths.   With the Back Creek tree planting & walk/cycle path initiative being the first cab of the rank.