Beechmont Bike Paths and Walk Paths

SRRC has announced a tree planting program with construction of a bike/walk path, three river crossings and a 3 metre wide emergency track clearance on the West shore of Back Creek. Apparently, that is going to happen in the first half of 2017.

Scenic Rim Regional Council plan for a track next to Back Creek and a tree planting program for same.

We’ll have to see how that will fit in with other bike/walk path ideas.  Especially the Northern end of the Back Creek tree planting plan now leads to nowhere.  Having a dead-end bike/walk track is not so conductive for prospective push bikers and walkers.  Possible destinations at the Northern end would be a join-up with the Denham reserve bush path and/or the Doncaster Drive walking paths (two entrances plus the Denham reserve entrance making for three possible connection points).  This was suggested by the then BAPA Secretary Mr Pat Fitzgerald to SRRC on 3 June 2010.

Another destination could be the Hang-gliders club proposed picnic place on top of the farmland mountain (SP272360 on the map below). Steep enough for a mountain bike circuit.  Flat enough for a walking path and a picnic place.  And part in making the connection between Graceleigh Park and Rosins’s Lookout as mentioned in a letter to the SRRC CEO Mr Craig Barke of 3 June 2010 by Mr Pat Fitzgerald as the then Secretary of BAPA.

Beechmont Walking Trails – An overview of school bike/walk ways and connection options to Denhame Reserve as wel as Rosins Lookout

The connection between the McInnes Drive Estate and the State School is another area of concern.  In some earlier site maps there was an easement at the end of Mc Innes Court to the Back Creek.  That seems to have replaced with an easement from the end of McInnes Court to Beechmont Road (marked A on the map above). This pathway is now in place for some time and well used by the schoolkids and the local residents, but not hardened.  Gets muddy in wet weather.  A bit of gravel would probably fix that for the decades to come.

In conjunction, the stretch of Beechmont road between the McInnes Court pathway and the Back Creek bridge doesn’t have a separated safe bike/walk path for the school kids.  It’s just a grass strip without markers or any gravel walkway hardening.  There already is a separate bike/walk bridge over Back Creek next to the road bridge, but no safe path way along Beechmont Road to link up with the current McInnes Court easement.  Needs a proper solution here.

Akoonah Estate, Binna Burra and Illinbah

For Back Creek South of the Beechmont Road Bridge there should also be some walkway connection along the Back Creek to the Akoonah Drive Estate.  And another walk way connection via South West road or along there to join up with the Illinbah Circuit (Walking Track) from Binna Burra.

In times long gone, our then BAPA Secretary Pat Fitzgerald did suggest in the above referenced letter to SRRC a walking track linking the southern end of the Upper Coomera Road (Illinbah) to the Southwest Road on Beechmont as worthy of consideration.  This track would not need to pass through the Lamington National Park but would provide a link to the already existing mapped and well established Illinbah Circuit there.  For example, from the end of Illinbah Road it is only a hop, skip and a jump to get to Southwest Road. Something like 500 meter or so over steep terrain.  Challenging to carve out a good route, but quite well possible and within reason.

Illinba Circuit – Bush walking path